I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Blue Door Sponsorship. BDS is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing stories of heartache and suffering from voiceless children in Kenya with sponsors around the world who, through their support, can bring life-changing hope.

I have traveled to Kenya multiple times and seen first hand the impact BDS is making in the lives of these children as well as their communities both in the slums of Nairobi and the rural countryside of Maasai land. All the visual content I create while on the ground in Kenya is provided to the organization pro-bono to aid the effort of telling the stories of these amazing young people. I've never done anything more worthwhile with my talents. 

My family and I sponsor a young man named Wonderful, and he truly is. 

To learn more about the life changing efforts of Blue Door Sponsorship, visit www.bluedoorsponsorship.org.