Contrast in Studio: One Model - Two Looks

As you know, on days I'm not being paid to run around and point my camera at people, I try to find reasons to do it anyway. 

So yesterday, I hosted model Roarie Yum of St Petersburg, FL in studio. 

I also had the pleasure of working with Little Rock photo stylist Kimberly Calhoun for the first time. I hope I find many more opportunities to do so again in the near future. 

My goal with Roarie was to be able to create two very contrasting looks and styles with the same model in a short amount of time.

The first was a dark and edgy look that we shot against a black backdrop. I used a 22" beauty dish as my key light and a 7' parabolic umbrella for some subtle fill. Kimberly styled Roarie in a black leather corset top and later added some belts to ramp up the edginess a little more. 

For the second look, I wanted a huge contrast from the first. I asked Kimberly to style Roarie to look very natural and organic. She used neutral makeup tones and covered her hair and eyebrows with a cream colored paste. For wardrobe she simply wrapped her in piece of brown silk fabric. I began shooting this look with nothing but diffused window light. Halfway through, Kimberly added an off white ruffled neck cuff and I switched to my Stellar Light Systems constant ring light which is always fun to shoot.

I think we were able to achieve my original goal of creating two definitively contrasting looks with the same model in a short period of time.

Check out some of the final images below. To check out some more of Kimberly's stylist work, visit:


Stay creative people!