We creatives are always told by the creative powers that be, that we should create on a daily basis. That in order to do our best work, we have to routinely flex our creative muscles. If we don't, our creativity will atrophy and wither away. 

I agree.

Days that I spend working on marketing plans or invoices are not my favorite days. Are they important? Yes. Fulfilling? No. 

Unfortunately, as working creatives, we don't always get to create the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen each and every day we come to work. Sometimes the work is boring. Sometimes we are between jobs, working hard to get the next one. 

So how do we flex those creative muscles during those times?  

The answer: personal projects.  

We have to find time to create something completely for ourselves that may or may not make sense to anyone else in the world. But whether it does or doesn't is of no matter. We alone choose whether or not we even want to share it with anyone. It's ours. It came from our brain. We flexed OUR creative muscle.  

So, I've been sitting on some images that I have finally decided to share today because I want to move forward with this project. I've decided to open the doors and let you in. I want your help.  

Today I am releasing the first images in my new personal project entitled: Beards in Milk. 

My only goal for this project is to create portraits of men with beards. And those men's beards will be resting in various containers of milk. Why? Because I think it's awesome. That's the only reason I need.  

Over the next few months I will be looking for the perfect dudes with the perfect beards who want to be a part of this sure to be legendary project. If you are a dude with a beard or know some dudes with some beards, please express your interest in this project by emailing me at johndavid@johndavidpittman.com

Let's get those beards in some milk! Now go flex your creative muscles! 

**A very special thank you to Jay Calhoun and his gnarly beard (may it rest in peace) for being my initial subjects.**


Those interested in participating should email the photographer at johndavid@johndavidpittman.com.