Most days, I make my living standing (or sometimes lying) on the ground, photographing human beings. However, as a photographer, I sometimes have to "go where the work is."

This evening, I firmly realized that today was one of those days as I was strapping myself into a pretty serious looking harness in preparation of being raised high above Interstate 40 in a bucket truck.

When I got the call yesterday from the owner of a publishing group, for whom I do a lot of feature work, asking me if I could help her out of the jam she was in I agreed immediately. It's always a good idea to take a paying job but an even better idea to help someone who has the ability to provide you with many more jobs. Jobs that you want to do.

As I was tightening my harness and trying to listen to a nice man give me instructions on how to adjust the levelness of the bucket in case it got "wonky" on me up there, I began to rethink my decision. Why was I doing this?

My answer came to me as I was high above the roaring eighteen wheelers and carpoolers below. I pick up my camera every day because I wouldn't know what to do if I couldn't. I have an opportunity to create each and every day. Today I got to do it in a bucket. Above the world. In the sunshine.

And I think that is pretty cool.

Interstate 40 looking west. North Little Rock, AR.